Beautiful indeed, but what about facilities?

Beauty has an address! This very attractive slogan has been introduced to promote Oman as a worldwide tourist destination a couple of years back. It is well selected and endorsed to attract tourists from all over the world to visit the Sultanate. This was one of the different ways and campaigns that have been used to promote Oman where nature remains untouched, heritage is genuine and culture is unique!
The Sultanate is brand-named as a land of peace and tranquillity for its citizens, residents and visitors alike. It is the land which has various blessings some of which are hospitality, political stability and liberty.
It provides its visitors with a wealth of natural attractions, fascinating culture and traditions, breathtaking landscapes and warm welcoming people. Oman is very rich with picturesque landscapes including the beautiful beaches, green plantations and wonderful hills which amaze every visitor and tourist.
The Sultanate’s long coastline and clean beaches afford a wide-ranging variety of water sports like sailing, wind surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling all of which are very enticing activities for tourists. The amazingly lofty mountains and wide deserts reflect the other dimension of the country’s unique natural attractions. With the mountains standing tall and solid, castles and forts ascend at the top of them, history speaks louder than words.
Oman is packed with mountain ranges which occupy almost 15 per cent of the total land and are inhabited with 5 per cent of the population. The deserts, with its soft golden sands and characteristic environment along with the crystal sky shining full of stars at night, stretches the inspiring imagination of many poets and story-writers.
The breathtaking waterfall and the valleys mirror the spellbinding beauty of nature in Oman. All these feelings reveal a sense of solidarity and belonging to the place. Those who have never been to Oman are undoubtedly missing out on the very best of which nature can offer here around the year.
Moreover, Oman is a land of an artistic heritage and renowned rich culture. The ancient heritage of Oman is portrayed by the archaeological sites and historical monuments such as forts and castles spread in every corner of the country.
Other than that, there are many other significant historical and archaeological sites some of which are not discovered yet.
The country is blessed with over 500 forts that are spread in every corner of Oman, some of which date back to 14th Century. Some of these historical monuments have been recognised by Unesco as landmarks of the world’s architectural heritage.
The rich Omani culture is characterised by the distinctive traditions and hospitality of Omani people. The beauty of Oman, warmness of its people and their friendly attitudes has attracted many writers, poets and photographers to inspire their imagination and express their impression of this land.
Visitors to the Sultanate from different nations and backgrounds can experience various enchanting sights and attractions, like its natural wonders and scenic sites, its ancient crafts industries and modern architectures. Oman’s enormous diversity surprises and delights both residents and visitors alike in many ways. With hundreds of thousands of tourists are visiting Oman at this time of the year to enjoy summers and the nice weather in Salalah particularly.
On the other hand, all this beauty and richness of heritage and culture is not yet addressed to travellers. Usually, visitors and tourists would love to enjoy the natural sightseeing of a country. However, in Oman this attraction is not well-invested to attract tourists as the basic necessities and facilities are not available in most of the tourist destinations here. Then, how would you expect tourists and visitors to enjoy their time. Think twice before heading outside for a day out.
Salalah is becoming a number one regional and international tourist destination these days. However, its beauty is being undermined by the lack of the essential facilities other than the entertainment amenities. What a disappointment indeed. Just wondering what is the mysterious challenge that prevents tourism from flourishing here?