Beating the odds

People make a difference to the lives of others simply by motivating them through their deeds despite being physically challenged.
They defy all prejudices, they swim against all odds and leave a mark of ‘yes I can’ for those who are feel they ‘can’t do it at all’.

Just after the boy Quaden Bayless who was bullied by classmates over his dwarfism made headlines in the global media, waking up human consensus against the genetic disorder that went viral, an Omani young girl is inspiring her peers just with her grit and determination.
Meet Jihan al Balushi, a girl in her late teens with a height of some 3 feet or so, but is ambitious of becoming a well known lawyer.
But unlike in Quaden’s case, she was not subjected to bullying or mockery or sidelining by her classmates.
Jihan was born with stark features of dwarfism and as soon as she realised her physical features, and as she understood that there is no much she could do about, she started to revert her mindset from ‘less abled’ to an ambitious, determined and go-getting personality.
Today, she is doing her final year of bachelor’s in General Law at the Al Zahra College for Women specialising in both civil and criminal procedures.
“Dwarfism is a physical feature that I was born with and there is not much that I can do about. Instead, I focused on my studies realising that only education can make a difference in my life”, avers Jihan.
She was diagnosed with the most common type of dwarfism which is a birth defect that affects a baby’s bone growth. However, she possessed a normal intelligence that most people with dwarfism have because dwarfism isn’t an intellectual disability.
Just like any girl of her age, she sings, dances, reads, and loves to cook and utilises her time in creative ideas.
“I always believe in my inner sense. If others of my age can do a particular task, why can’t I do it? It would propel me into it and I would not rest until I get the results”, a confident Jihan said.
All her three siblings are of normal physical features and doing professions like teaching and administration.
“I have never felt that I’m lacking in something nor did I give more attention to it. My sole aim is to graduate, get a job and support my family. The rest will happen in its due course of time”, she adds.
Jihan is truly making a difference to the world where many consider physical challenges a stumbling block from achieving their goals. She can, bring many to life with her determination.