Be’ah, volunteers try hard to clean up Mekunu mess

MUSCAT, May 30 – Along with citizens, volunteers, private and government agencies, Oman Environmental Service Holding Company (Be’ah) has dedicated all its resources to remove garbage and clean various wilayats of Dhofar and Al Wusta after Cyclone Mekunu. A Be’ah official said 360 tonnes of waste has been removed. However, the process of collecting waste and dead animals wasn’t easy amid continuous rains. Khamis al Siyabi, Head of Operations, Be’ah, said that they have faced various challenges in Dhofar. “Some places were unreachable because of broken roads and flooded wadis. Also, the amount of waste is large. We have to remove it in a relatively short time to avoid health and environmental risks.”

Cleaning workers were deployed in different wilayats of Dhofar till late night to remove the garbage pile-up. Many voluntary teams are also helping Be’ah to cover as much areas as possible. Mahir al Sulaimi, a volunteer team member, expressed his enthusiasm to be part of the cleaning operations. “I think it is our responsibility to help each other in cleaning and make it and even better. Be’ah will not be able to handle such big waste pile up in a short time. So we proudly decided to give them a hand.”

Zainab al Nassri