Beach cleaning campaign begins in Muscat

MUSCAT: To promote partnership with local community and to spread culture of preserving local environment, Muscat Municipality, PDO and Beah have launched the ‘Better than It Was’ campaign to clean up Al Ghubrah beach.
A number of officials from Muscat Municipality will take part in the campaign beside representatives of the Majlis Ash’shura, local citizens, activists and local associations interested in environment volunteering.
Director-General of the Health Affairs in Muscat Municipality, Qais al Kushry, said that the campaign was launched due to the common concerns of both Muscat Municipality and PDO to conserve the local environment.
He said the campaign will last for six months covering all beaches of Muscat Governorate, each month will be dedicated for one of the six wilayats of Muscat. Beah company has also contributed to the campaign by providing all requirements needed for the volunteers. Muscat Municipality expressed its gratitude to the partnership shown by PDO, Beah, local community and associations, and emphasised that such campaigns play a significant role in acquainting citizens and residents of the value of maintaining the environment.