Be well-informed to coexist with COVID-19

Keeping informed is essential for adaptation to the virus. The virus has caused a major shock to the world and has forced mankind to think in terms of coexisting with it.

To ensure that the economy and life move on till the time a vaccine is a reality, we have to coexist with the COVID-19, said an official of the Ministry of Health.

Dr Thamra al Ghafri

“Learning to live with the virus is the way forward in terms of thinking to protect ourselves and others,” said Dr Thamra al Ghafri, Director of Planning and Studies at the Directorate General of Health, Ministry of Health.

So what is needed to live with the virus?

Dr. Thamra advises, “When you say adapting to a virus it means you are living with a virus, and we all know by now that we have limited tools in the absence of a vaccine or a specific medicine.

We are working with tools like washing hands with soap and water, masks, and maintaining social distance. Everyone has heard it more than a hundred times.

But there are other matters one should be aware of and one of the most essential prerequisites is to keep oneself informed and that means well informed.

We must understand the details of why we are washing hands and maintaining physical distancing whether at home, work, or when with friends.”

While we are living with the virus we need to slowly and gradually return to our routine, explained Dr Thamra, as there is no way individuals can be isolated forever.

She explained how to protect family members, colleagues in the workplace, and society. “It is possible only by thinking and understanding who is actually at risk and who is at more risk.”

“Ask yourself where should I sit at work, whom should I meet, should I go to work, are there any restrictions, are all the infection control measures in place, who is involved at work, and is everyone at work aware of keeping physical distancing? This change in behavior at work and home is essential at the moment,” she explained.

She added that no one would have imagined in Islamic culture that people would not be going to the mosques in groups to pray and yet it happened.

“The virus put us in a situation where we needed abrupt and fast changes in our life and behavior, not only in life but in the life of beloved ones too,” Dr Thamra noted.

She stressed the individual responsibility to understand all the measures that are in place now and “we should not just be depending on legislations to fix things.”

“I think it has to come from within and everyone has to be accountable and responsible to understand the importance of saving lives with a simple routine. We do understand that no plan is perfect, but everyone should be aware to shape a safe environment for everyone,” explained Dr Thamra.