Be proactive in checking virus, pvt institutions told

MUSCAT: Private healthcare institutions in the country should play a more active role as part of the coordinated efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) within the country. Taking the initiative, Redha bin Juma al Saleh, member of the board of directors, Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), said there is a need for everyone to join hands as the world is going through a difficult phase in its efforts to restrict the spread of coronavirus.

Speaking to the Observer, he said, “The private sector will have to share the burden with the government in restricting the spread of this virus’’.

Asking private healthcare to not take advantage of the situation, he said, “Patients will be covered by the insurance in any normal illness, but in cases such as COVID-19, it will depend on the terms conditions of an individual’s insurance policy’’.

Private companies distributing products such as masks and sanitizers must adhere to the prices approved by the authorities.

“There have been instances of some companies exporting or re-exporting masks and other products to countries where there was a high demand, including China. These companies have been strictly warned,” he said.

Al Saleh urged all private companies and institutions working in the health sector to do their duty towards society by intensifying awareness campaigns and providing the essential tools needed to eliminate this virus.

The head of the health sector committee called on everyone to follow the healthy habits that will contribute to limiting the spread of the virus.

He urged private sector companies and institutions to take all measures to protect workers in their institutions against the spread of this virus and inform them of how to prevent it in cooperation with the health authorities and institutions.