Spotlight: Be on guard while working online

Salalah: At a time when most of the businesses are happening online, the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) experts are calling the users for an ‘extra cautious’ approach to avoid being victims of cybercrime.

While cautioning the Internet users to avoid being cybercrime victims they exhorted professionals, students, teachers, and everyone to explore the benefits of the Internet to make pace with the big cyber community, which is becoming bigger and bigger every single minute.

In one of his recent researches, Dr Hafedh al Shihi, senior faculty at Sultan Qaboos University, mentioned interesting data suggesting how fast the Internet community is becoming bigger and bigger.

“Every minute we generate 1.8 million Facebook likes, upload 200,000 photos, send 204 million emails, post 278,000 tweets, and upload 100 hours of video on YouTube,” he said.

Even though the data is a couple of years old, it speaks the volume of enormity the cyber community holds.

In his research, he gave a perspective to understand the vastness of content generated online. “It will take around 15 years to watch all the videos that are uploaded to YouTube in a single day.

Data centres occupy an area of land equal in size to almost 6000 football fields and companies monitoring ‘sentiments’ in Twitter analyse 12 terabytes of tweets every day and every single minute, 570 new websites come into existence.”

This gives a background for the number of players active online and some of them are so active and inquisitive that it doesn’t take even minutes for them to reach your computer or any other smart device that involves the use of Internet.