Barka water supply still hit by red tide

The desalination plant in Barka continues to remain affected by the red tide phenomenon, said a statement from the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW).

As it is unsafe to operate the plant, PAEW implemented the emergency response plan by linking the desalination plants in Barka with that of Suhar and Ghubra.

Some water wells are being exploited to meet the demands of the area.

Water levels in the main and subsidiary reservoirs are stable due to the measures taken, said the statement.

Mohamed bin Abdullah al Mahrouqi, chairman, PAEW, said that all measures should be taken as per the emergency manual to maintain water levels in the main reservoirs and ensure the areas catered to by the desalination plants in Barka are not affected.

PAEW also called on residents of Muscat to rationalise the use of water.

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