Barbershop told to follow safety measures

Muscat: The announcement of the opening of barbershops and beauty parlours on Tuesday brought cheer among staff members who worked in thousands of barbershops and beauty parlours in the Sultanate.

The civic body has advised a set of precautions given the public health. Actions would be initiated against those who are found not following the precautions.

Among the directives are: No more than two customers (as per size) can be allowed; social distancing should be practised and shaking hands should be avoided; waiting inside the shop shouldn’t be allowed; workers should wear personal protective equipment (PPE), face shield, mask and gloves. There should be disposable aprons and disposable tools. Scissors and other reusable tools should be sterilised for each person.

Other directives include, all shops should have sterilisation devices as per the standard specifications; workers must wash their hands with soap each time they serve a client; the clothes used by the employees should be washed hygienically; if the shop provides facial cleaning services, an additional area of not less than four square metres should be provided in each shop. All barber shops should have special containers for the disposal of sharp materials.

The authorities concerned would intensify random inspection of barbershops to ensure they are maintaining the standard practices.

The youngsters were in awe over the opening, as they finally felt they would get ‘professional touch’ which they were missing all these months.

Hamed al Gammari, a member of the civic body called the new package a great gesture after five months of closure.

“Being open and active is an excellent thing, as it will serve both the workers and customers. The sixth packages will serve a wide range of owners and consumers,” Al Gammari told the Observer.

Ali al Matani, writer, social worker and entrepreneur said the decision is a great milestone in the path of recovery and great support to thousands of barbers who have been jobless for the last five months.

“A great decision and I hope all workers in this sector work diligently bearing in mind how much they suffered from the pandemic,” adds Al Matani.

Ahmed al Khadouri, a safety and security trainer sounded a word of precaution to the employees in this sector.

“It’s good news an end to the long wait of all youngsters and elders who have been suffering without a proper barbershop for a face-lift. They can heave a sigh of relief whereas these workers can be happy for having their daily bread and butter. However, they need to uphold health safety measures. Strict adherence to safety and security measures is of vital importance,” Ahmed al Khadouri added.