Bank Sohar organises ‘Retail Team Meet 2017’

MUSCAT: As part of its strategy to prepare and lead the way forward in banking excellence, Bank Sohar held a Retail Team Meeting recently. The two-day event was attended by the Bank’s Acting CEO, Executive Management, Senior Management, and Branch leadership to address challenges in the sector, take stock of the Bank’s Retail Division, review performance and outline a framework of strategies for the year to follow.
Commenting on the importance of the event, Sasi Kumar, Acting CEO Bank Sohar said, “Since inception, we have held the distinction of being developers of innovative products that bring excellence to the sector. Strategic gatherings such as the Retail Team Meet provide an opportunity to connect with front line staff as well as understand opportunities and challenges that the bank faces as a whole, and brain storm innovative ideas and solutions that can further improve bank’s products and services. Moreover, these events provide an ideal platform to focus on the bank’s progress as well as the future outlook of the division as well as the bank at large.”
Highlighting the significance of the event, Rajeev Arora, DGM and Head of Retail Banking, Bank Sohar, said, “Bank Sohar’s Retail segment is one of the strongest in the sector, offering the most comprehensive range of products and services that reflect our commitment to providing banking excellence and prudent financial solutions to each of our customers. Being the innovative financial institution that we are, we always endeavour to develop new strategies that can enhance our customers’ banking experience.
As a bank that is constantly evolving its products and services to incorporate greater efficiencies and innovation, it is imperative that our leadership convene to take recognizance of our performance. This event gives us the opportunity to review all aspects of our retail banking systems, products and capabilities, which help us conclude way forward and improvements. For ensuring ongoing growth, it is equally important to ensure a continuous development and evolution with an execution acumen and this meet offered us that platform.
The two-day meet served as an ideal platform for information sharing and exchange across all functions of the bank and it was an opportunity for members of the bank’s executive management to discuss strategic plans for business growth. One of the main objectives of the meeting was to focus on developing strategies that drive growth and agree on a composite plan for new tasks and being adequately equipped to tackle new challenges in the future. Also on the agenda was the discussion of best business practices in the industry and ways to implement product enhancement and service efficiencies.