Bank Muscat all set to celebrate 2 more Green Sports football fields

MUSCAT: Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, in step with its ‘Let’s Do More’ vision and ‘Imprints’ initiative to support youth and promote Oman as a sporting nation, is all set to celebrate the inauguration of two football fields developed as part of the Green Sports initiative.
The 25th Green Sports football field will be presented to Al Taawin Sports Team in the Wilayat of Shinas in North Batinah Governorate on Thursday, January 12, followed by the 26th football field to Al Qabsan Sports Team in the Wilayat of Samayil in Dakhiliyah Governorate on Friday, January 13.
The Green Sports initiative launched by Bank Muscat in 2012 has gained momentum with a total of 63 teams across the Sultanate benefiting from the support till date. Marking the sixth-year of the unique CSR initiative, the bank will support the development of 15 football fields in 2017.
The 2017 Green Sports programme has evoked big response as 86 sports teams have applied seeking support for greening and infrastructure development of football fields. In the coming days, the Green Sports committee will review the applications and make field visits to short-list the 2017 Green Sports beneficiaries.
The scope of Green Sports support for sports teams include greening of football fields with natural or synthetic turf, floodlights or water desalination equipment in areas facing problems of water salinity. Ensuring wider representation, the Green Sports support is extended to develop sustainable sports infrastructure in all parts of the Sultanate.
The criteria for availing the Green Sports support include that sports teams should have been in existence for three years with a minimum of 300 members from the local community.
The bank recognises that local teams wield immense influence on neighbourhood communities, especially youth, hence teams with modern infrastructure facilities can help raise sporting heroes for the country.