Ban on use of drones without valid permit

MUSCAT, NOV 11 – Use of remote control aircraft, drones or any other flying object, without proper approval from the competent authority, is not allowed in the Sultanate. According to Article 27 of the New Civil Law issued by the Royal Decree No 76/2019 recently, it is prohibited to carry or transport weapons, ammunition, explosives or any hazardous or inflammable material in civil aircraft without the approval of the competent authority. “The competent authority shall transport and have possession of these materials onboard aircraft in the Sultanate,” states the law, which also prohibits directing laser beams or any other light or beam towards aircraft in a manner that endangers the safety of air navigation.

air navigation
An act or activity that affects the safety of air navigation, aircraft or crew or passengers is also prohibited.
As per Article 29, it is prohibited to equip civilian aircraft operating in the Sultanate of Oman with any equipment or machinery unless licensed as per laws and regulations of the Sultanate and international regulations.
Under Article 63, whoever violates the provisions of any of the articles of this law shall face imprisonment for a period not less than one year, and not exceeding three years, and a fine not less than RO 15,000 and not more than RO 50,000 or one of these punishments.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Justice issued a decision No 300/2019 that gives the status of judicial police for some employees of the Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA) as published in the Official Gazette on Monday.
Article 1 of the decision states these officials from PACA will have judicial control over the application of the provisions of the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation and its protocols, the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air under the new Civil Aviation.
The officials to be given the new judicial status include the Chief Executive Officer of PACA, head of security audit and licensing section, head of aviation security systems section, head of passenger protection section, head of the airworthiness department, inspector of communications safety and navigation assistance and the air safety control inspector, among others.