Bahla Fort a major attraction

MUSCAT, Aug 18 – Hundreds of tourists have been heading to Bahla these days to explore the fort, one of the most famous monuments in the Sultanate, which offers insights into Islamic and Arabic architecture. Bahla Fort has seen many phases of restoration and conservation. Its south façade measures 112.5 metres in length and the east façade 114 metres. The northwest curved wall extends up to 1,135 metres. The most recent restoration effort was initiated by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture upon its inscription as a World Heritage Site in 1987 and completed in 2012.

The citadel (Qasaba) is its oldest part. It is a five-storey structure comprising a series of integrated rooms. Together, these rooms form a combined structural unit having their own private entrance, which are separate from the rest of the fort. The citadel has three towers. The fort also has three buildings or ‘houses’ known as Bait Al Jabal, Bait Al Hadith and Bait Al Qaed. It has six towers along the walls, meant for defensive purposes in those days. The fort also has numerous wells and mosques.