Badir set to spur small enterprises

Muscat, July 18 – An entrepreneurship programme has been launched for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Sultanate.
Called Badir Entrepreneurship and Microenterprise Project, it has been started by the National Youth Committee (NYC) in partnership with the General Authority for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (Riyada).
A part of the committee’s Strategic Economic Empowerment Programme, the Badir Project aims at encouraging entrepreneurial projects owned and managed by young people and raising their awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship.
The founders of the project aim to come up with an analytical study of the entrepreneurship sector and measure the benefits acquired by young people from these projects.
The idea of the project is to increase participation from young people in economic development by expanding their involvement in entrepreneurship.
Badir Project is based on the principle of participation, cooperation and integration with all the supporting authorities in entrepreneurship.
The committee seeks to coordinate with the funding agencies to facilitate financing of youth projects within the Badir Project and address the competent authorities regarding procedures and laws related to registration, labour requirements, transactions, taxes and others.

The project will train 80 young entrepreneurs in coordination and collaboration with entrepreneurs. It aims to support the establishment of 10 youth entrepreneurship projects.
Registration forms for the training have been posted on NYC’s website ( and on its social networking sites.
“Badir is an integrated project that seeks to enable young Omanis to find work, starting from refining ideas until the last steps of implementation. It focuses on instilling the idea that these projects are an active option to enhance economic power and invest in the creative energies of youth,” says Dr Rashid al Hajri, Chairman of NYC.
“It is possible in Badir to establish a partnership with another participant. The screening mechanism will be through the e-consultation system used in Riyada, where it will discover leadership behaviour and skills of participants,” said Khalid al Heraibi, CEO of Riyada.
It may be recalled SMEs’ contribution to Oman’s GDP was only 14 per cent until the middle of 2014, according to the National Center for Statistics and Information.

Mai al Abria