Back to School for 643,370 students

MUSCAT, AUGUST 25 – As many as 643,770 Omani children, including 30,000 new students, began their academic year (2019-2020) in 1,166 schools in various governorates of the Sultanate on Sunday. They included 319,223 male students and 315,638 female students. The number of teachers this year is expected to reach 56,717, including 1,500 new teachers, while the number of administrators and technicians in schools is estimated at 11,045. “We are delighted to have began a new academic year with an ever-increasing number of students, and I wish all of you to make it a year full of excellence and success,” Dr Madeeha bint Ahmed al Shaibaniyah, Minister of Education, said.
“Let’s all hope that the educational system in the Sultanate continues to achieve more milestones in all fields, thus contributing to the preparation of the sons and daughters of this dear country, and qualify them to participate actively in the construction of the future of the nation,” she added. According to the ministry reports, a total of more than 700,000 students are enrolled in public, private and international schools in the country. At present, there are nearly 1,150 public schools catering to the students. “In line with the national strategy for education, the ministry will continue to plan for the gradual expansion of the application of global chains in science and mathematics. The ministry will also continue to provide training programmes and courses to the faculties.”
The number of private schools in Oman also saw a rise of more than 10 per cent, with new schools opening with different specialities. There are nearly 650 schools catering to roughly 106,000 students, whereas about 64,000 students are currently enrolled in the Sultanate’s nearly 50 international schools, according to the report. She also touched on the educational developments during this year, saying: “The ministry continues to raise the efficiency of the educational system in the Sultanate in light of the requirements of the times and the aspirations of the future, in line with the pillars of the vision of the future of Oman 2040 necessary to participate in the development of the national economy.”