Awash tries fasting

They have told me suhoor is important and so I followed everything my sister Maryom did. I could hardly keep my eyes open. But I did it.  Now the challenge – to stay away from food and water until the prayer call! No matter what is cooking in the kitchen I will hold on until Iftar.
Maryom said fasting is easy when you are busy like being in school. She said, “Fasting has many benefits. But it is not just about giving up food and water; you have to stay away from negative thoughts too, Awash. And that means no fighting and no arguments!”
Morning has been fine but as the day goes by I am slowly thinking of food.
School has been fun but now a bit tired. The school bag has never felt this heavy. Parents asked me to understand hunger and I think I do now.

Artwork by Fahad Al Zadjali