Avoid Eid gatherings or face action: ROP

Muscat: People tend to get together more often and with just a few days left for Eid ul Fitr, chances are high people get together with dear and near ones.

“People should make a conscious effort to keep away from each other and maintain social distancing at all possible areas,” urged the Supreme Committee to deal with Covid-19 in the Sultanate, in its last meeting.

The recent spike in the number of cases of Covid-19 has been triggered by a number of illegal get-togethers, and anyone doing so will be subject to legal action, the Supreme Committee sounded.

“Mass gatherings still exist and some people do not abide by social distancing despite repeated appeals from the authorities,” said Dr Ahmed al Saidi, Minister of Health.

“Sadly enough, some people are still not obeying the social distancing and are conducting mass gathering for Iftar which is a total violation of social distancing.”

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has arrested a group of people while they were attending a social gathering and were referred to the judicial authorities in Sharqiya, on Saturday.

“We receive tip-offs round the clock about social gatherings and such cases are dealt immediately. The offenders have been referred to the judicial authorities for further procedures”, the ROP said.

The ROP further called on all to cooperate with the various bodies involved in containing the pandemic and to stop gatherings and abide by the physical distancing for the benefit of the public.

“Families should avoid any gatherings or activities during Ramadhan days or Eid al Fitr in view of the security of the society,” the ROP said.