Australia set to eliminate cervical cancer in 10 years

Perth: Australia will become the first country in the world to eliminate cervical cancer, according to a new study which shows the current national prevention program is working exceptionally well.

According to local reports. including the, in just two years the incidence of cervical cancer in Australia will be so low, it will be considered a rare cancer – just six new cases per 100,000 people in a year.

By 2028, the team predicts the rate will drop even more, to fewer than four new cases per 100,000 people – a rate so low they’re suggesting it classes as this type of cancer being eliminated.

“Australia, the global front runner in cervical cancer prevention, is on track to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health problem by 2028,” The Lancet Public Health has reported.

And If Australia keeps up its current prevention efforts, by 2034 there will be less than one death per 100,000 people annually.

These figures are based on a modelling study, where researchers used real data to predict the incidence of cervical cancer in the country between 2015 and 2100, based on various scenarios.

The results are particularly exciting considering how common and deadly cervical cancer is in other countries around the world.


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