AT&T 5G finally bringing super-fast speeds in 2018

Though it’s probably going to be quite some time before we see 5G networks that are as easily accessible as today’s 4G LTE networks, AT&T is ready to get the ball moving. The company announced its plans to begin rolling out mobile 5G by the end of this year. We have the 3GPP’s recent completion of some 5G new radio standards to thank for this move, which were defined back at the end of December. “AT&T expects to be the first US company to introduce 5G service in a dozen markets by late 2018. The promise of mobile 5G is seemingly endless and we’re moving fast to make the promise a reality,” the firm stated in a press release.

“5G will change the way we live, work and enjoy entertainment,” commented Melissa Arnoldi, president of AT&T’s Technology and Operations.
Additionally, the company stresses that the improved quality of communication and internet speeds will not only benefit regular consumers but businesses as well. Currently, the firm has not specified what devices will use the technology and did not give out specific speeds that consumers can expect from the service.

Prior to its expected launch later this year, AT&T began promoting its so-called 5G Evolution service. In fact, technology experts have confirmed that it is actually LTE Advanced, which is likewise being offered by other networks. However, compared to regular LTE connectivity speeds, the LTE Advanced does offer a better performance overall.