Atari introduces Speakerhat, a hat with speakers

Atari has formally unveiled the Speakerhat, which is something one certainly doesn’t see every day. No subtlety there, mind you — it’s literally a hat with speakers built-in.
It also has a microphone and can pair with devices via Bluetooth for phone calls and music playback. Atari says the Speakerhat is rechargeable, although exactly how that works remains vague.
Here’s the kicker, though: Atari says that eventually, users who wear Speakerhats can sync together and listen to the same audio stream simultaneously, which might sound not at all sophisticated on surface level but is actually pretty promising. Imagine going up to your Speakerhat-wearing friend and “syncing” with him a new playlist you created?
Fortune describes the Speakerhat itself as light and thin, running on an embedded lithium-ion battery. It sports a universal control button, in addition to an LED indicator light. Audiowear developed the Speakerhat, dubbed as a “new listening experience” that feels natural and normal to wear for extended periods.
It’s in its early stages, it seems, because at this point Atari is still looking for willing beta testers. But it hopes it can continuously improve on design and engineering to make a hat that doesn’t look like a gadget at all, to make the technology “completely invisible.”
Atari hasn’t revealed concrete release date or pricing details — as mentioned, it’s possible the Speaker is just more than a concept at the moment.