Astronomy enthusiasts document solar eclipse

SALALAH: Some astronomy enthusiasts in Dhofar watched the rare phenomenon of an annular solar eclipse by setting all possible equipment including telescope, safety glasses, and cameras.

The enthusiasts set the equipment at the right location in Al Najd area under the banner of Dhofar Astronomical Observatory and watched the phenomenon from the beginning till the end.

The Dhofar Astronomical Observatory has some experts who keep a keen interest in astronomy. Sheikh SaeedJamaan, MuhammedSohailAkkak, and DrAwadSaeed al Saadouni are part of the Observatory.

The Observatory, according to Dr Al Saadouni, is equipped with some astronomical and scientific equipment and digital cameras to document and monitor the solar eclipse as well as live broadcast via social media programmes.

“We took up the responsibility of watching, documenting, and educating a section of viewers about the rare astronomical phenomenon in Dhofar because the Governorate is very important from the viewpoint of astronomy.”

Commenting on his experience of viewing the rare eclipse, Dr Al Saadouni said, “It was rare to experience the phenomenon, as the peak here was 87 per cent.

Prof (Dr) Sobeih al Saadi, an expert in physics, astronomy, and space science, thanked the Dhofar Astronomical Observatory for documenting the phenomenon, which holds immense importance for future studies.