As holidays coming to close, retailers hope for a boost to business

With the Indian community schools reopening this week and Omani families expected to return from foreign holidays in the coming days, the retailers are hoping for boost in the business.
“The past two months have been difficult with a large section of the population spending school vacations outside the country. With schools reopening, we expect the business to resurge in the coming months,” said Moshin, the Omani owner of a supermarket in Muscat. “The summer markets are challenging always for the retail businesses as people spend time abroad. Also, people have limited their non-essential expenditure, which affects the sales.”
Mohammed Hassani, a taxi operator, said, “There has been no customers from one of the big supermarkets where I operate. As many customers were not in town, there have been days when I struggled to make even RO 10.”
He added, “With the domestic tourism expected to get a boost during the Eid al Adha holidays, there are chances of businesses picking up.”
Thomas, a manager of a popular multi-cuisine restaurant, said, “Even during weekends, there is a deserted look with few customers. Many customers these days opt for takeaways over eat-ins. With the holidays fast approaching the business climate should change.”
“With salary payments erratic in many companies, people are naturally saving for the future or any eventuality rather than spending at the present. Hope this business climate will see a change towards the year-end.”
While consumers are treading the path of caution in Muscat, business men are just waiting for them to throw caution to the wind.