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Paintings of Salim mesmerize viewers



Salim bin Khamis al Salami[/caption]

By Badriya Mohammed al Balushi — Salim bin Khamis al Salami, aged 30 years old, is a famous and unique artist. Salim, from Al Woshail village in Rustaq, is in love with art works as he initially commenced drawing when he was  just five years old. Salim, talking to Observer said, “I began drawing and painting when I was just turning the age of five. Once attended the primary school, I started getting addicted with paintings, so that was the start”. Working for Ministry of Defence is not what Salim wanted to do in his future. He always aimed at majoring in fine arts and work in the same field.

But his wish was not fulfilled; however, it did not stop him of working in arts on his own while being an employee at Ministry of Defence. Salim penetrated a fictitious life of drawing. Preparing marvellous art pieces is not done at a specific time or a specific day, as for him, it is a random feeling that makes him passionately go through his world of fine arts. The time Salim spends on drawing depends on the size of the board as well as the topic. There are some art works that need a full day to be spent on. On the other hand, some of his art works might take a month or two. Surprisingly, some terrific pieces of his work take a full year to be done.


Being an Omani, he has a vast knowledge of the country’s rich nature and unique geographical attractions. This made him reflect Oman and its rich culture in his paintings. All art works presented by him are adorably extrapolated from the Omani life and nature. Oil, acrylic and watercolour are his favourite mediums. Salim al Salami, with a rich artistic portfolio, got his impressive painting collections showcased in a number of national and international exhibitions. In the United Kingdom, pieces of his art works were presented in the exhibition titled the “Wildlife Gallery”.

“Japan Fine Arts” exhibition in Tokyo University showcased a stunning range of his art pieces. Salim also excitingly took part in “Al Jaliyat Exhibition” which was held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates with some of his stunning masterpieces presented.

Salim enthusiastically participated in the first edition of Sultan Qaboos University Literature and Arts Prize.

He also participated in the ‘Youth Innovative Competition’ in its three editions continuously, held by the Ministry of Sports Affairs.


The country witnessed Salim’s victory winning the first place award at the national level. Omanis wonderfully gazed at the continuous achievements he has received. With pride, Salim had won the ‘Artist Title’ in the Sultanate for 2012 in drawing the country’s wildlife. This award in particular gave him the encouragement to keep going, and it was one of the most important motivations for the outstanding results he came up with in the art world.

National and international English magazines and newspapers highlighted the beauty of his successful work of art. Salim al Salami says, “Getting the art works sold out assures continuation for the artist. I always find it very exciting and helpful to offer my beautiful art pieces on sale and there are many fans of my painting collections over social media platforms”.

“Development of art in Oman is one of the major sectors the government significantly pays great efforts at expanding,” he added.

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