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SQU students present report on artificial intelligence in human life

MUSCAT: Four students of Information Systems Department, Sultan Qaboos University, have presented a project report on artificial intelligence in human life. The project explains artificial intelligence as a technology that appears to emulate human performance typically by learning, coming to its own conclusions. They appear to understand complex content, engaging in natural dialogues with people and enhancing human cognitive performance. Artificial intelligence is concerned with the development of computers which can engage in human-like thought processes such as learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

It should be understood that artificial intelligence has several benefits but it has its risks as well. With artificial intelligence, the chances of error are almost nil and greater precision and accuracy is achieved. In addition, intelligent machines can replace human beings in many areas of work and they can take risk tasks with greater responsibilities, speedily, full control and eliminating the emotional side. Intelligent robots can be used to explore space and reach the Earth’s nadirs.

Artificial intelligence has speared in human life and it has been used in several applications as following:

Expert System: is a technology that converts knowledge of an expert in specific domain into computer to solve complex problems.

Robotics: is an electromechanical machine which receives instructions from computer attached to it to do certain activities, and by artificial intelligence, the robot has the ability to move and understand its surroundings and to respond to a number of external factors. For example, in industries application, robots are used for handling material, polishing and cutting where the robot has mechanism arms such as the arms that work in factories.

Speech recognition: is the ability of a machine to identify phrases in spoken language and transfer them to a machine-readable format. It is used in the enterprise application such as call routing, speech-to-text processing, voice dialing and voice search.

Games: are considered one of the most areas where artificial intelligence is used. It contributes in the development of games and makes it closer to reality.

Learning machine: is about taking advantage of the computer in the areas of education through programmes that interact with the user, as the programme that act as human, it has the ability to learn by taking advantage of multiple data entry.

Machine vision: is the science of making machines see. It captures and analyses visual information using a camera, analog-to-digital conversion and digital signal processing. It is used in medical applications where signature identification to medical image analysis which is focused on machine-based image processing, is often conflated with machine vision.

By Maryam Mohammed al Hinai, Aaisha Khamis al Ofi, Afrah Saif al Hosni and Tahani Rashid al Hatmi, students of Sultan Qaboos University

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