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A gifted artist inspired by family


It is incredibly thrilling to be born with talent and artists flair while growing up in an inspiring family to cultivate these talents! Such an abnormal fact that one gets astonished to know that families are having a common blessing and all members are proud of having this genetic legacy.

Zakiya Al Balushi was born to be a gifted artist, competing with her siblings who are creative artists too. All are enjoying a thriving artistic and motivating family environment. Such a rich creative environment marks as well a source of learning platform where family members could exchange expertise and learn from one another.

Zakiya has been possibly bestowed a lion’s share of luck for being able to master painting and calligraphy alike. She was gifted with this talent since the early days of childhood and has grown up with the passion of practising and preserving both talents. Today, she prides herself for being a brilliant artist, thanks to her family who was and would always be the first spark of inspiration behind her excellence.

Out of her extreme passion and creativity, Zakiya could creatively master both talents, which have an impact on her personally and professionally. Given that, she could demonstrate and promote her attractive art pieces in different local and international exhibitions. Since school days, she was partaking in various art competitions within and outside the school ambience. Hence, Zakiya could believe in herself and she was a talent in the making, who proved it right today.

As a multi-skilled artist, Zakiya is mastering painting, especially with pencil, calligraphy, collage and gifts hand wrapping and design too. Every so often, she could mix these all in a single art piece like in a collage board. A collage is a piece of art that integrates a variety of materials. It often involves glueing things like paper, cloth, or real-world objects onto a canvas or a board and incorporating that into a painting or masterpiece.

Zakiya’s paintings and calligraphies are reflected in some of her designs of corporate objects. She employs her artistic deliverables in what she does at work in certain cases. This allows her to make the most of her talent as well as it marks another way of practising own talent. Imprinting her paintings and calligraphic handwriting on her corporate and personal graphic designs would always bring a distinct attraction indeed!

Likewise, she works on personal requests of paintings for other fans of her creative art pieces. With gifts hand wrapping, lettering words and names of people on their gifts and greeting cards,

Zakiya creates happy moments for others around her. In fact, she makes the day for many people with her spellbinding calligraphy and inspiring words on the beautifully wrapped gifts and souvenirs. This reflects Zakiya’s belief in calligraphy as a kind of music for the eyes and not for the ears.

“I have not studied arts as many others did, but I was born with the talent, which has grown up with me! Believing in practice makes perfect, I have been practising my skills so often, which made an artist out of me over the years. However, I always strive to learn new techniques, so I could hone my skills and abilities in the arts. This is what I do most to invest in my talents, of course in addition to the freelancing activities I conduct every now and then”, Zakiya explained.

Fueling her passion with hope, Zakiya is intending to have her own art exhibition in which she intends to bring all the family talents together. She believes that such an event would be a platform to showcase all the family art pieces. This marks an opportunity to narrate the story of a family, who shares arts by blood and stands as the source of inspiration to all.


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