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Individuals who serve noble cause

Many people do not understand the real meaning of charity? Possibly a few ones are only aware of what charity is all about? How much are people interested in getting involved to support charitable organisations and the people in need within society? What is the secret behind charity that makes it worth the sacrifice and commitment? Hundreds of questions in mind can be debated in this regard.

The word charity doesn’t interest some people in society. That’s why they are not willing to spare their effort or time to help fund charitable institutions. I wonder why people don’t try it out and volunteer, so they realise the significance of charity.

Undervaluing the impact of charity on society discourages people from volunteering to give back to society. Volunteering for a noble cause is always great and brings self-satisfaction and importance. The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers and whenever a man turns, he can find someone who needs him.

Sacrificing time and effort for charity is always rewarding as we make a life by what we give and not by what we have.

For it is a religious and social obligation. Charity must be everyone’s interest, so we all can make a difference in society. Everyone can contribute to the support of charity on his/her own way, either through financial support or personal time/ effort.

Volunteering, for instance, should be a common culture in life as charity work is very important; it gives people an opportunity to give back to society. When everybody gets involved, we then care for one another.

One might ask that today we see lots of charitable institutions that serve charity and people in need in society. Accordingly, those parties are having enough volunteers who run charity work every now and then. However, there is always a need for more volunteers. Each one of us can add value to what we do as volunteers. Joining forces is all what is needed to uplift charitable works.

Recently, lots of individuals have been heavily contributing to charitable work in the Sultanate. Many wealthy individuals have been funding the establishment of different public institutions such as health centres and hospitals. Several other initiatives and good deeds worth millions of rials have recently been initiated by those generous businessmen.

All these contributions are enriching the efforts that have been put towards the charity sector in the Sultanate. As well, such personal initiatives will encourage others rich citizens, businessmen and corporates to play their role and give back to society. It’s great to see that corporates are taking the lead in helping charities and introducing their distinguished initiatives.

Despite all that has been done towards lending a hand of support to charitable organisations, more is still required on this front. Today, charitable institutions have spread in every corner of the country managing different activities. Therefore, support is highly needed to help institutions concerned sufficiently accomplish their missions.

Without the collective efforts of both individuals and corporates, those agencies will not be able to help the needy.

All these individuals’ contributions are commendable indeed. It shows how considerate, compassionate and cooperative people are to one another in this country. Hopefully others will follow the same path of those who have been role models in giving back to society in different spheres of life. All should remember that what we do for ourselves dies with us, but what we do for others and the world remains and is everlasting.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami


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