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Omani Penal Code a boon we should know


Ali Al Matani - -

The penal code in any country is a guide that defines an individual’s relationships with another individual or a society and how it should be. Making a penal code is a huge task in any country.

The Omani Penal Code, issued under the Royal Decree Number 7/2018, is of utmost importance, as a framework and legislation which governs and regulates public life and people’s interpersonal relationships in society which is experiencing rapid changes, as in any other societies of the world. In addition to this, this is on par with the laws and systems anywhere in the world.

This law, updated and amended to meet the requirements of the time, would replace the Omani Penal Code which was imposed 44 years ago (1974). This legislation is a radical change. It will establish rights of people under a legal framework which is in compatibility with the Islamic Shariah which has always been source of legislation in the Sultanate.

There is no doubt the Omani Penal Code is a major development. It has brought good news for the people. It would punish every aggressor and ensure justice for the oppressed and the victims.

The new law has gone through a number of stages of development. It was reviewed by the concerned organisations as well as official and private channels so it can address all aspirations and hopes in the form of an integrated legislation which takes care of all aspects which governs human lives.

This new law has taken all developments and changes taking place in Omani society into consideration. It has explained many ambiguous matters for legislators, lawmakers and lawyers. The articles of this legislation is so simple that they can be understood by everyone.

Everybody can comprehend it and take into cognisance its arguments, sanctions, punishments and fines on some acts, and implications of crime against the state, authority, people and public property, etc and other aspects of it. This legislation meets aspirations of the people. It is no more obscure. It has clarity which is required to govern life of the people.

The Omani Penal Code is one of the most important legislations which has been issued in the country to place every disgraceful act committed by an individual or society in the right perspective and give matching punishment. This will play a crucial role in organising the behaviour of the people and regulate their acts.

All these things are defined clearly in the law. Unfortunately, what we lack is proper awareness of such legislations provided by the experts.

The knowledge about what is enshrined in these articles of this law is required. It is important as it regulates and governs human behaviour to make it better. It also helps in inculcating certain principles and values of dealing with others.

The awareness of laws, rules and regulations also reduces the pressure from government agencies. It is said that prevention is better than cure. It is not just for health and medical aspects. It is also about awareness about laws which regulate human life.

If there is knowledge about it in advance, there are chances that the laws would not be violated. The awareness about rights and duties makes a society civilised. It is mandatory for all of us to be aware of the law as it helps correct our steps and make a person more disciplined.

We hope that this law, its articles and sections, will prove to be a major qualitative transformation in the endeavour of strengthening the relation of an individual with society based on strong foundations.

It will help remove negative impact and embolden positive values, reduce adverse effect of urban life on society and promote cooperation among people in correcting mistakes. All this before law takes its course. Awareness is the best solution.

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