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A reward which is an inspiration

As life brings different challenges every now and then, people should be ready to face every possible surprise they might come across. Some challenges reflect the concept of learning the hard way while others are simply normal encounters. However, regardless of how hard or soft the challenge is, it brings a new learning experience. What matters is how we react to each challenge we face every day. In other words, challenges are opportunities with thorns on them, but the outcome is always rewarding. Every opportunity brings a valuable lesson to learn from. Opportunities could be a form of competition and contest, which represent not only lessons and experiences, but also rewards. Such opportunities provoke the spirit of competitiveness, creativeness and courage between contestants.

Facing challenging experiences might be hard, but with experiences and opportunities comes the learning lessons. We learn things from our recurring attempts, so we can get things right the next time. Hence, never blame yourself for making an undesirable decision, for it could be the right one. You might realise that someday. After each experience you come through in your life, there is a lesson behind it which you might not discover on the spot. Yet, it is happening for your own good. You get the message sooner or later unless you regard it as a curse and a failure. Just as some people do when they face a problem or get into trouble.

Each day comes with different surprises that might be pleasing or frustrating. How we get inspired and motivated out of each experience is what really matters. What’s actually thrilling is receiving a reward for overcoming certain challenges in life. It could be another way of getting inspired.

The recently received award, the Best English Article, at the Media Excellence Awards, is undoubtedly very exciting and promising. To me, it marks a commendable proof of my personal skills and my writing abilities. Also, it is a way of urging me to make more efforts in what I do and like doing. In fact, this award stimulates me to bring the best out of me.

Media Excellence Awards is a great initiative introduced by the Ministry of Information to bring competitiveness among journalists from all local English and Arabic publications. It is a professional platform for competency challenge between journalism professionals in different skills and categories.

Likewise, this annual competition attracted journalism students to participate and compete with other journalists. In this case, this competition gave those students an opportunity to prove themselves as capable potential journalists and media professionals after their graduation. It was a push forward for them to get involved in such real-market and first-hand experiences in the field.

I personally had an opportunity to compete with my colleagues from Oman Daily Observer and other English publications. Luckily, I got the first place along with my colleague Nizar al Musallami for the Best Column. Thanks to Oman Daily Observer for offering us an opportunity and for representing the publication. It was a real honour in fact to get this award.

I thank the ministry for organising this annual platform which served as an opportunity to bring together the skills and abilities of different individual journalists. It helped discovering new talent and proved the competency of Oman journalists who can compete internationally too.

Always remember, life is an experience and every day is a new opportunity. Every experience makes us bitter or better, every problem comes to break or make us. The choice is ours whether we become victim or victor.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami

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