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Visit this Wadi, hot spring to beat stress


Winter surely is the right time for everyone to take a trip to a stress-busting hot water spring at Wadi Al Hammam. The water at the source is so hot that one can cook rice, and soaking legs even for five seconds in the concrete canal, made for people to sit and drain the water to nearby farms, is a challenge.No need to take a long drive to reach this unique gift of nature. It is located in Bausher, some 20km from Muscat city and quick access to it is through Ghala - Ansab exit.

According to local people, the hot water coming out of some natural well located in the adjoining mountain has many health benefits due to the presence of some minerals in it.

“With temperatures at around 65 degrees Celsius. The Ayn Al Hammam spring is said to be the hottest spring in Oman. It is considered to have healing properties due to its high mineral content,” one tourism suggested document.

“The hot spring is situated at a huge fault structure, separating Triassic dolomite (sedimentary rocks) from ophiolite (volcanic rocks). They were brought together in a huge tectonic movement called obduction. It appeared when the ocean floor in front of Oman’s coast was pushed above the Arabian continent, forming the Oman Mountains. Most of the hot springs in Oman like Ayn Al Kesfah in Al Rustaq, and Ayn Al Thawarah in Nakhal are located along this major fault,” it said.

The hot water travels from the source, where the temperatures are higher. Much of geological and chemical combinations and permutations are involved here, as the hot water rises from the ophiolite where it comes in contact with dolomite.

Though the coronavirus pandemic has taken the sheen away from everyone’s holiday plans, such local locations are emerging ‘hot’ favourites for them.

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