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Hatt Village’s cool temperature is your perfect summer getaway


The governorate of Al Dakhiliyah is famous for many things but primary of this is because of its beautiful natural wonders. Al Hamra and Misfat al Abriyeen are mostly what attracts tourists but there is one destination many people always forget to check out.

Hatt Village is one the places located north of Al Hamra that is nestled amongst scenic mountains. Located at about 2000m above sea level, it is the perfect getway for those wanting to escape the heat of the summer months.

The mountain where Hatt village is located enjoys low temperature all throughout the summer. In winter, the mercury can dip to as low as 7 degrees Celsius and chances are, one will also see snow which is many Omani families choose this location as their summer and even winter destinations.

From the top of the mountain, the visitors will have a sweeping view of the different wilayats below. The palm trees which transform the area into an oasis makes up a perfect view for the eyes to enjoy.

One of the challenges however is getting to Hatt village. The road unlike that of Jabal Akhdar, isn’t pave and with rocky and dusty road, one is recommended to take four-wheel drive to ensure safe passage.

The hardship of the travel however will be rewarded by different delicious and tasty tree crops. Home to more than 5000 goats, it’s just you and nature mostly enjoying each other’s company.

Slowly gaining popularity, the government has plans of building hotels in the area to attract more tourists. There are currently three hotels operating in the mountain: Al Hoota Rest house, Shorfet al Alamain Hotel which has 24 rooms and restaurant that can accommodate up to 150 people and the Bat al Sharaf which has fewer rooms to host guest.

If you are wondering what destination to go next, make sure to drop by Hatt Village and its scenic mountains.

Juhaina al Hadhrami

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