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Clean city, healthy city!


While seeking the cooperation of the public in keeping a healthy and clean city, the Muscat Municipality has issued a strong warning to those responsible for the sewage water that spill out to the streets.

Sewage water leakage often ends up as breeding spots for mosquitoes and foul smell that affects both the local residents and passers-by.

“Occurrence of sewage water leakage, or failure to maintain the sewage system in residential buildings that may lead to roads, public areas and neighbouring residential areas will attract a fine of RO 200. Offenders will be given one day to correct the violation. The fine doubles on repetition of the offence,” the municipality said.

The municipality has also cautioned owners and caretakers of buildings to maintain the sanitation in their properties.


The instructions follow the recent campaign launched by the municipality in cooperation with the ministry of health to eradicate the Aedes aegypti — the mosquito responsible for the dreaded dengue fever.

“Owners, caretakers or occupants of apartments or villas, farms, plots, health facilities, water well and storage tanks should take appropriate measures to maintain cleanliness in the vicinities”, the civic body said in a statement.

It is their responsibility to control the growth and spurt of pests, rodents and stray animals, it said.

Proper maintenance of water tanks and water supply sources, routine inspections of doors and windows in houses, and installation of screens and mosquito proofing to prevent the entry of insect and pests, are other necessary prevention methods that have been suggested.

The 24-day long campaign which had mass participation from the public helped contain dengue in the city and also preventing it from spreading to other parts of the country.

Despite repeated warnings and pleas to use approved waste bags for garbage disposal, it is common to see rubbish is scattered all around the bins kept in parts of the city.

The rubbish mainly includes plastic bags containing the food waste, cardboard boxes, broken chairs and other bits and pieces of furniture.

In most cases, the municipality rubbish bins are not being used in the right way, with people choosing to dump bags of garbage on the floor next to them instead.

These collections of garbage not only make an eyesore, but also a health hazard, attracting stray animals.

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