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Undiscovered job opportunities with corporates

People are all striving hard to make a living and lead a decent life. Some are sparing no effort to do whatever it takes them to get a source of income.

However, if an opportunity for a job is not there, how will people make a living? Perhaps, it is all about luck and fate. It’s the Almighty Allah who grants people with all they get throughout their lifespan.

However, people need to roll up their sleeves to make things come their way. They should knock every door of opportunity.

Job-seekers, for instance, should play hard and make some efforts so that their dreams come true. Getting a job needs years of hard work and study.

Education and a certificate are not enough if graduates are not spending enough time looking for a job through which they make a living. Although getting a job is not and will never be an easy task, especially these days.

Today thousands of fresh graduates are facing a shortfall in job opportunities. Graduates and job-seekers are leaving no stone unturned looking for a job or training at least, so they get the relevant experience.

Wherever they go, the doors of opportunities are closed. They spend years of hard work, studying and staying up night, preparing for exams.

During those tough years of study, they had been dreaming to be someone in the future or achieve certain dreams in life.

They were not aware the days to come would be worse compared to what they had been through during their years of study.

Their dreams are of high importance to them. They are ready to do whatever it takes to make them come true after graduation.

Not only fresh graduates, but graduates from the past years are also looking for a job. They were aspiring for a job. After all the challenges and struggles, they just need a job to make a living.

Regardless of what that job is, what matters to job-seekers is to be employed.

Some have even done their post-graduation and are looking for a job. Others are begging employers for a training opportunity, if not, a real job. For them, even unpaid training is a golden opportunity that should not be missed.

Let’s ponder over this question. Why are employers not willing to offer training opportunities if there are no permanent jobs for job-seekers?

Why is there a shortfall in job openings, while there are plenty of opportunities? Does the decline of oil the reason behind it? Well, not many corporates are affected by it. Some corporates have nothing to do with the oil prices.

Some corporates can offer job opportunities by increasing the percentage of Omanisation in their organisations.

Many administrative jobs that do not require high qualifications could be Omanised. Besides, attractive early retirement schemes could be offered to old employees in order to provide openings for job-seekers.

Many other plans can be worked out to offer job opportunities in different businesses.

Finding a solution to the shortfall in job opportunities in the market is a shared responsibility of both public and private sectors in the Sultanate.

They should join hands to reopen the doors for young Omanis to be on board and provide as many opportunities as possible for them.

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