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A delightful package of information and knowledge


MUSCAT, FEB 24 - A delightful slice of information is awaiting those who seek books and knowledge at the 24th Muscat International Book Fair at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. The National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI), Oman’s arm for authentic statistics pertaining to a broad spectrum of social spheres, is participating in the 10-day convergence of titles in different languages from across the world. The participation stems from the importance attached by the NCSI to a present statistical analysis and conclusions in various forms and events in order to enhance knowledge and introduce the role of data and statistical indicators in the sustainable development of the Sultanate.

“Additionally, in our collections of various reference guides, there is a comprehensive book on Oman’s economy which tracks the main variations of the economic and major macroeconomic relations, based on the official data”, a representative from the NCSI said. “As for the issuance of features of development which provides indicators and detailed information on the development process in the Sultanate, there are a number of books that can give a clear indication to the trends.”

The NCSI’s pavilion also offers various printed publications that serve all segments of society, besides it’s electronic versions. Through its portal, a package of information with the help of electronic screens displaying data and statistical presentation and a collection of films produced by the Centre that disseminate knowledge supported by the information are available for the visitors. Various study reports are presented on the screen. The innovative mechanisms related to information technology and a display of applications and smart devices are arranged throughout the day. A history of the devices and technology which are the pioneers in the field of digital geography, along with methodologies in the field of statistics can be found at the fair.

The provision of statistical data, social and economic ties in the form of interactive maps and metadata in a fast moving world that allow users from different walks of life to take advantage of these applications are another attraction.

Among the printed publications available at the Centre’s stand is the Statistical Yearbook, which presents statistics of all economic and social activities that could be used in planning, decision-making and scientific research for all institutions in the public and private sectors.

The Centre’s pavilion also presents population projections for 2020-2040.

It monitors future changes in the population on the basis of certain assumptions regarding the future trends in fertility, mortality and migration, as estimating future population size is a prerequisite for successful planning.

The NCSI stall includes a number of periodic publications issued by the Centre such as the series of community statistics and data of school education, as well as statistics pertaining to health, culture, housing, birth and death bulletin as well as survey results and opinion polls conducted by the Centre. Added to all these statistical guides is the book on the major challenges of marriage and the survey of logistics services in the Sultanate.

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