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Drive safe and have beautiful holidays....


Time has come to celebrate the end of a month-long of fasting. As the holidays begin and the focus is now on what to wear and prepare for Eid al Fitr festivities, the top most concern for

safety authorities is to have everyone safe on road and at home.

Temperatures have already crossed 45 degrees Celsius. But that has not seen any changes in Eid markets called habtas that have come up in various parts of the Sultanate. The high temperature failed to dampen the spirit of habtas.

The city life has been focusing on other factors as well in addition to getting set to drive long distances. The days can be filled with joy if everyone is safe, and so what the experts would say is as much as we prepare ourselves to gear up for the festivities our vehicles must be ready too. When the roads are hot they do have an impact on tyres. As a matter of fact experts are requesting drivers not to fill the tyres too much, and not to fill fuel tanks completely.

They are also warning not to keep in substances like lighters, soft drinks, perfumes and battery operated devices in the vehicles. But make sure to have plenty of water. It is better to be alert than to experience or witness a mishap, which is one of the reasons safety authorities have always warned of fire crackers. But this year too authorities found smuggling of fireworks.

Coinciding with the holidays is the weather forecast which shows satellite images of cloud formation, which according to the Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre has indications of a tropical depression forming in the south west of the Arabian Sea.

We are yet to know more about it, but whether it is a tropical depression or summer rains that is usually experienced around Al Hajr Mountains or not is to be seen. So while holidays might be a temptation to venture for sightseeing it might be a good thing to keep a close tab on weather forecast.

Most importantly this is the time to be with the family and loved ones, to travel and have fun. While at it, the days are also an opportunity to remember the forgotten ones. The forgotten ones —not because one chose to but because of circumstances. A festival when inclusive truly becomes a celebration of the spirit of humanity.

Happened to witness a distribution of iftar kits in the community and cannot help but wish that what has been achieved during the month of Ramadhan by reaching out to each other in a small or bigger manner would continue throughout the year.

The joy that has been experienced in being there for total strangers is probably because that is the kind of spirit the soul enjoys — when you can break free from what one is used to and come out to contribute to the society one way or the other. Just like the Oman Volunteers Team which mobilised 850 members to come and volunteer to renovate an NGO building for children proves what the society can achieve when they set their minds with determination. One can only guess what more can be attained by this ever-growing group. That is not to forget all other voluntary groups who have been over the years contributing to the society in one way or the other.

It is a great feeling when we are able to have the capacity to make our life successful but when we are able to share our achievements that is when we truly lead a life of satisfaction!

To do all that and more for ourselves, loved ones and to the society we need to stay safe — on the road and locations including homes. So the best thing would be to adapt the HSE tips that companies have been applying for home and where ever we are.

Drive safe and have a beautiful Eid!

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