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Welcome back, school is cool!


Welcome back to school dear teachers and students! The long lovely summer vacation is over and it’s back to school again. As the school year is just starting, most of the students are on cloud nine celebrating the new academic year with teachers at school and parents and family at home. With their classmates, students are enjoying the first days at school where

getting to know their teachers, reunion with their mates and meet new friends of course!

On the other hand, with their parents, brothers and sisters at home, students are celebrating back to school differently. Particularly on the first day, students would impatiently wait till they get back home to narrate the story of first-day experience to their family.

Meeting new friends at school, being introduced to their kindhearted teachers and spending the day at school with an unusual environment is what makes their day indeed!

Certainly, this is not a general feeling of all students, but it could be a common feeling of many students. As kids, they always have that interest of discovering new things and sharing their happy moments or happenings with others. That’s why some of them would love telling their parents what happens and what they do at school. To those students, school is a second home where they have sisters and brothers from another mother! Absolutely, it’s happening out of the kids’ kindheartedness and innocence.

However, there are cases with some students who feel detached from their parents when going to school and spending the day there. Probably, they look at teachers and other students at school as strangers whom he/she might don’t like to interact with, talk to or event to mingle with. Sometimes their reactions and attitudes would reflect on their fear of getting along with teachers and students. Differently, the perception of such kind of students would change gradually as they start interacting with others in the school.

Generally, every human being has a certain perception and reaction towards receiving new experiences in life. Likewise, students have different reactions and attitudes when being introduced to a different school environment for instance. Yet, they would all believe that school is cool despite the diverse experiences they come across or opinions they have. In the long run, they would end up making good long-term friendship relations with classroom mates and other students as well.

Regardless of students’ mixed feelings of happiness and fear of starting their school again, going to school marks a challenge for children. We all know that sometimes it can be a hard switch for students going after a very long relaxing summer holiday to spending a full-time day at school. Some might experience a kind of sadness due to the end of summer break and such feeling could potentially turn into fright or depression even.

In this case, parents might perceive it differently as students reject going back to school. Instead, they should stand by their children to help them start the school afresh, enthusiastic and serious. Here comes the parents’ responsibility to monitor students’ psychological status regularly. For some students, the first days at school could be a source of motivation and excitement while it sets off a bad case of back-to-school anxiety for others.

Aristotle was absolutely right when he pointed out that the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Although learning is tough and the daily school routine is boring sometimes, there is nothing like receiving good education. It paves the students’ way that lasts for the rest of their life and brings them a better future. I hope that the welcome back to school experience which students come across at schools these days instills them with love of learning from the beginning.

As it’s the back to school celebration time, I wish every student and teacher a happy and successful year ahead.

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