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Omani-Lebanese relations hold greater promise


Based on mutual respect, non-interference in in each other’s internal affairs and supporting international justice and humanitarian issues, the Omani-Lebanese relations are a role model for what bilateral relations should be. However, these well established relations between the two countries haven’t been invested or optimised to the maximum in all aspects and fields; as one of these aspects that should be given more attention and care is the economic one.

The well-constructed diplomatic channels the two countries should be further enhanced and supported by other means to get whatever benefits possible for better future of both countries. One of these means by which the aim of benefiting from these well established relations is having a commercial attache at Oman’s Embassy in Beirut to take the advantages of the Omani-Lebanese relations. The warm reception and hospitality the Omani business delegation received during the recent visit to Lebanon asserts the extent of the solid bilateral relations between Muscat and Beirut. Further, this generous and warm hospitality indicates that developing the economic aspects of these relations have a big opportunity for success.

The meeting the President of the Council of Ministers of Lebanon Saad al Hariri had with the Omani delegation highlighted the deep relations between the two countries, and asserted that there are more wider opportunities to further solidify the economic relations between the two countries. The meeting can be looked at as a call for exchanging experiences and opening more windows of opportunity to get benefits and gains from these good relations that tie the two countries.

The enthusiasm of the Lebanese businessmen, interpreters and officials to the friendly relations with the Omani people encourages us to work hard to activate and build on the Sultanate’s history and record of good relations with every country, and its justice and fair views on humanitarian cases.

The Sultanate of Oman and the Lebanese Republic have a lot in common; in terms of their views and stands on many international and regional issues. The much-shared views can be developed into attitudes that support the economic relations. As the meeting between the Omani delegation and the Lebanese businessmen, officials and economists have come to a conclusion that the role of the two governments should be limited to paving the way for private investments and joint ventures through drafting the required regulations and rules

to create the appropriate business environment for the economic cooperation to flourish.

Both sides asserted the importance of having an active private sector which can lead the way in trade exchange between the two countries.

Of course, there are a number of obstacles that hinder taking economic cooperation forward. However, these obstacles are under consideration of the policy-makers, as all efforts are exerted to optimise the bilateral relations for the benefit of the two countries.

Maybe one of the main hindrance is not having direct flights between Muscat and Beirut. It is known to all that the cancellation of these direct flights is attributed to the political and security situation there, but the situation is getting stable. This encourages all to reconsider to re-launch direct flights between the two countries as it makes it more easier for businessmen, visitors and tourists to travel. In turn, this will contribute to more visits which will result in deeper cooperation.

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