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Oman to set energy efficiency specs for home appliances


Having already put in place energy efficiency standards for air-conditioners, the Sultanate has embarked on the process of formulating corresponding standards for four key categories of household electrical appliances and fixtures: refrigerators, water heaters, LED lights, and washing machines.

The latest initiative is being spearheaded by the Authority for Electricity Regulation Oman (AER), which has been mandated by the Council of Ministers to promote energy efficiency and conservation practices in the Sultanate.

“Energy efficiency has become an issue of increasing importance across the various sectors in Oman. The Authority has undertaken a number of initiatives in this area including a direct role implementing the government strategy on energy efficiency and supporting the national initiatives by the different government entities to implement the strategy. This includes review of specifications and standards for energy efficient electrical appliances to be implemented in Oman,” the regulator said in a backgrounder on the initiative.

The Authority is now preparing to appoint a technical consultant to review the draft specifications for energy efficient refrigerators, water heaters, LED lights, and washing machines before they can be rolled out as national standards in the Sultanate.

The initiative is being pursued in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), which is tasked with setting the standards and specifications of, among other goods, electrical appliances and fixtures imported, manufactured or distributed within the Sultanate.

The selected consultant, it said, will be required to work with the Authority as well as the Directorate General of Standardization and Metrology (DGSM) at the MoCI “to review and provide a draft of the standards for energy efficient refrigerators, water heaters, LED lights, and washing machines that would be suitable and customised for the Omani environment”.

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