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70 per cent of parents cannot control their own online activity


NEW DELHI: Around 70 per cent of parents admit that they themselves spend too much time online and 72 per cent feel that Internet and mobile device usage in general is impeding family life, a new report said on Friday.

In a bid to promote self-regulation online, the study conducted by the Global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky found that 52 per cent of parents trust their kids to know when enough is enough.

According to the data, fathers seem to be more trusting of their children to know when to take a break, with nearly three in five (57 per cent) taking this approach, compared to less than half (48 per cent) of mums.

The survey also revealed that 40 per cent of parents do not feel the need to control or oversee their children’s online activities or Internet usage at all.

This could be a risky strategy as, despite kids’ familiarity with online applications and navigating the Internet, cyber risks are only a click away.

“Internet and digital services offer kids a wide range of engaging content, and can take a hold of their attention for a long time. It must also be remembered that the real world can be even more engaging, especially if parents are ready to invest their time and spend it together with kids, doing joint activities,” Marina Titova, Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky.

“This time is actually even more important and valuable for families and friends, to connect, create special bonds and share memories,” Titova said.

Along with this approach to their children’s online activity, the survey also shows that parents are not restrictive about their own mobile phone habits or the amount of time spent on the Internet: 70 per cent recognised that they are somewhat addicted to the web. — IANS

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