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Expressing loyalty to nation, leaders through art


SALALAH: People have their own ways to pay tribute and express loyalty. Hamed Farazh Abdulsamad Bahajjaj’s solidarity with the nation and loyalty to its leaders came through artworks of his own which he was able to complete in 40 days, as he devoted most of the nation’s mourning period for Sultan Qaboos either in collecting materials for his handicrafts dedicated to the late leader and His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik.

The delicately done pieces showcase Bahajjaj’s sense of loyalty to the nation and its great leaders. Most of the day he would roam around the beaches in search of right materials in the forms of sea shells or other necessary items and would devote two hours daily at night for completing his self-assigned project.

“I was lucky to have it finished in 40 days and I am happy with the outcome. It gives me satisfaction when people admire my work. This is the smallest tribute I can pay to the great late Sultan who gave us everything.”

When asked about his passion for art, Bahajjaj said an artist was always there in him but the discipline he got while serving the army made him more perfect. “Now I set deadlines for my work and complete within a stipulated time,” he said.

Tough training in his job in the army has made Bahajjaj disciplined, focused and firm to achieve his goals. For him, it does not matter how difficult is the job. What matters for him is the job itself, and its end result.

An ex-army man doing the job of an artist sounds unusual for a common man, but for Bahajjaj there is nothing unusual about it. “That job in the army, I was doing it to make ends meet, this job I am doing for my own personal liking. It is a different matter that the artist in me is finding expression now and there is no harm in pursuing our hobbies even if it is late,” says Hamed and adds: “It is better late than never.”

Bahajjaj gets emotional while explaining his artwork and says that the late Sultan had always been an inspiration for him.

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