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The virus of bad should be eradicated...


A new trend of preparing books on history and geography on wilayats and governorates along with their nature that emerged in the Sultanate of Oman and abroad. Such books are creating confusion and misunderstanding among the people of this country.

The authorities concerned should take note of such harmful practices. They should not only ban such books but confiscate them from exhibitions and restrict their entry into the Sultanate. But this will not be enough. Those who are doing this

should be made accountable and brought to justice.

Many such practices are not works of research and study. They are prepared with the intention to bring trouble and divide people. The humanity has seen such problems which need to be dealt with carefully. There have always been bad instincts behind such troubles.

Such deadly viruses will not rest until action is taken against them. Today, efforts are being made to rake up issues which have never been in our society. This needs to be dealt with tactfully. Those who are involved in such practices always discourage debate and discussion. They never welcome criticism. Instead, they prefer to bring trouble in the society rather than having a healthy debate. Therefore, law should take its course.

Now, the responsibility is on the shoulders of the authorities concerned to closely monitor such practices and publications. They should confiscate such material which can create rift deliberately or unintentionally. They should be dealt carefully and roots of any such imminent problems should be removed so that they do not surface again at any point of time. The country has moved ahead taking giant steps in its sustainable development programmes.

Such steps are taking it to greater heights of development to be in the ranks of economically and scientifically developed nations.

There are some elements which do not want to see this growth and prosperity in the country. But the people of the country are well aware that they have achieved a lot and they would never let go what they have accomplished as a modern and civilised nation, which enjoys respect in the world.

There are institutions in the country which are doing their job fairly. All are equal beneficiaries in this growth. We are a country which runs on law. Those who have bad intentions are also well aware of this quality of this country. Therefore, they are digging their own graves and raking up issues which have never been any issue. They want to prove what has never been in the country. They actually want to show their own existence.

Those who have ill intentions have designs to bring nostalgia in a manner which harms human race. They want to pitch one against the other. Blame one another for anything which has happened in the past or happening now. They play with the geography and history and misuse the rights and freedom of expression. They should be made to realise that there is no freedom without responsibility.

It is a known fact that the history and geography are on the fingertips of everybody. Everyone knows the established facts of history and geography. Facts would remain in the books of history. Shouting over the wall would not change history and geography.

Those who are involved in such activities should give up such trivial acts, which could disturb peace and security in the society. We have already cured this disease in the past, and do not want it again to surface.

In 1970, with the blessed Renaissance, this virus was eradicated for good, as such viruses destroy nations. Only after dealing with the virus, the country has embarked on its journey towards a brighter future. We all are beneficiaries of this unity and would remain united.

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