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Painting with a humanitarian message


BY Al Anood Al Wahaibi -

For young Omani artist Jood al Hinai, originality in art is very important. One might take inspiration from others, but a real artist should stop imitating others and create their own.

At 18, Jood has already been establishing herself as one of the emerging artists in Oman. Launching her own page Joodcreations on social media, she showcases her realistic acrylic painting but it’s not just the style and design she focuses on, she has an even bigger message to send across.

At her young age, al Hinai believes that artists should stay relevant which is why she considers herself painting for a humanitarian cause. Through her work, she highlights some important issues plaguing the world today.

One of these paintings with a message is called “Child Sewing”, her way of putting into conversation the issues of child labour. For Jood, in order to stop this very despicable trade, people should be made aware of what is considered child labour and only when people are exposed to the truth will they be forced to confront it. By confronting it, there is a bigger chance to revolve it.

The theme of the painting is “realism” and this movement of art appeared in the 19th century representing different activities of life and child labour was one aspect.

“Although in the painting, the two little girls seem very content, child labour is one of the alarming issues happening at a global level and some countries had been fighting it. Luckily, this is not an issue here in Oman’’, she explained.

She added, “The two girls, who are my two little sisters, seem to enjoy sewing because they are doing it willingly. I wanted to show the innocence that many children around the world are deprived of.”

“Child Sewing” was completed with mixed emotions according to Jood. It took her almost one month to finish it due to her chores and school works.

According to Al Hinai, for her to finish an artwork, “it depends on the level of excitement I show towards the painting and also my other commitments. Sometimes it takes days, weeks, and sometimes it goes till months.”

Al Hinai has been exploring different mediums and techniques to paint on when it comes to acrylics painting. One of her artworks was a painting on doughnuts and macaroons rather than a canvas, where she was inspired by an artist on the social media platform Instagram, called Petrichoro. When painting on macaroons and doughnuts, it was Al Hinai’s first time trying something different than painting on canvas. She further adds that the experience was “very fun and exciting to try, and something that is out of the box”.

Jood started sharing her artwork across social media in 2017. She was not as confident as she is now but she thought that one should start from somewhere.

“People were just looking for perfection”, she explained. However, after a while, her confidence began to grow and a huge transformation has been seen now compared to the beginning of her journey.

“Social media is full of different kinds of people, some will support you and others will discourage you. You need to understand that there will be negative and positive sides’’, Al Hinai said.

Al Hinai said that some negative criticisms had an impact on artists. When one is thrown so many criticisms, it can make them feel discouraged to showcase their art.

“I had my share of critics and there was a point I almost stopped. However, there were those sweet people who kept sending me good feedback. I decided to continue and accept negative reviews. I started with a humble number of followers, then the number jumped as many came to appreciate my work’’, she said.

Today, Al Hinai sells bags with three of her paintings printed on them. The support and the excitement coming from her friends, family and her followers on social media is one of the reasons that made her start printing on tote bags and selling them. “I’m very grateful for every bit of support I received from my social media followers”, Al Hinai expressed.

You can find Jood al Hinai’s paintings on Instagram: joodcreations and Twitter: Joodalhinai_

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