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Let’s make it our business to flatten the curve


In the quietness of the night the mind wants to chat.  The brain is more than eager to join in providing all the images of the weeks passed by.  The speed of the images and thoughts can beat 5G any day.

Miss the crowds in a funny way.  Standing in a line now seems to be a luxury.  Remember the handrails of an escalator or in the train – when we were told at our younger age not to touch to avoid germs.  But never did I hear about virus.

In the last few days we have learnt so much about virology and learnt to write quickly medical and scientific terms without batting an eyelid.  Epidemiological data and nasopharyngeal swab have all become words of day to day usage.  Interviewing the health care experts made me experience a rush of new energy just seeing their motivation and determination not once complaining about the hours nor do they have the time to reflect on their fear.

They have a goal and it is an objective that no amount of drills can prepare one for.  These are all the reasons why I want to listen to them when they say, ‘stay home unless you have work.’

I would love to wade through the water at the Qurum Beach or pick glass and ceramic pieces washed up by the rhythmic waves at Kalbu chore.  Could easily watch movies at home and get entertained by Tik Tok families with dads and moms joining their grown up children on challenges that are doing the round when not working but the moon lights up the night and mind nudges again to think about the people who could be worried about their meals, families who are away from the loved ones and members of the work force who worry silently as they gear up for another day at work.

The nation is on an action mode so is it not time for us to play our part by staying mentally and physically healthy?

It is natural to have those moments of panic and this is what worked for me to fight those moments – purposefully shift the thought into another subject.  And for me it was ideas and mind did not take any offence and soon joined the stream of thoughts and brain provided lovely visualization.

The process would be empty if we did not realise how healthy our mind becomes with prayers.  It might be vibes or it could be conditioned thought a process whatever it is, prayers work in cleaning up thoughts.

Miss the conversations and debates with colleagues, coffee with family and friends but the social and physical distancing is for us to break the chain to flatten the curve.

And to achieve all that we have to come up with innovative concepts whether it is online training or cooking with new recipes or taking up new hobby and most importantly come up with new ideas to entertain the young ones in the home.

It is also important not to forget to live and enjoy small things in life.  We let Earth Hour pass by us just because we did not have the official announcements.  But switching off light for an hour is something we can do so often because in a way earth is healing through the process.

Most importantly this could be the time to find our true selves – our true goals.  This might be the time to identify our true calling.  It could be the phase that brings us into the right alignment of body, mind and soul.

After all challenges brings out the best in us.  The rock has to go through a process for the gold to shine and it is carbon that produces a diamond.  The only difference at this moment is that we are all going through the same journey.

What matters is intention and so let us set the intention to flatten the curve and in the process let us grow – by understanding each other, reflecting on what is truly important for us and planning for the future. Let us have the courage to learn from this experience in economic terms too.  Let the employers and employees understand each other.

Let us join in full force the frontline health care workers and the authorities and make it the agenda – flatten the curve.  This is one curve we do not want to see the peak grow.  And no matter how many rules are introduced, the curve can only be flattened by our will.  So let us make it our business to do so.


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