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New committee established to examine termination of Omani employees


Muscat: The Ministry of Manpower has established a committee to follow up and consider the issue of the national workforce forced to ending their services in the private sector and finding appropriate solutions.

A committee formed under the leadership of the Undersecretary for Labour Affairs will include:

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil and Gas.

CEO of the National Employment Center

Director-General of Budget and Contracts at the Ministry of Finance

The concerned general manager at the Ministry of Manpower.

President of the General Federation of Oman Workers.

Vice-Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - economic affairs and branches.

The committee will examine the issues of the end-of-service of the national workforce in the private sector enterprises and finding appropriate solutions and mechanisms.

This second decision stipulated the powers of the committee and its mechanism of work and the formation of task forces to deal with the same powers in all governorates:

Article 1 states, “Private sector companies and institutions may not terminate the services of the national workforce collectively if they face bankruptcy, closure or completion of the projects.  They should inform the committee in advance of the reasons for termination, detailed statements of the national workforce whose services and qualifications and practical experiences are required to be terminated, and any other information that the committee deems necessary to review."

The decision defined the terms of reference for the committee to follow up and consider the decisions of the national manpower that ended their services from work and the appropriate solutions for them:

1- Finding appropriate solutions to help the national manpower that ends their services in the private sector establishments.

2- Follow up on the work teams in the governorates and study the proposals and results.

3- The committee shall decide on the issues of the terminated workforce within three months

from the date of notification.

4- The committee shall request for more details to ensure the validity of the reasons and justifications submitted by the company to end the services of the national workforce to ensure its stability and provide appropriate alternatives.

In the case of the bankruptcy or closure of the facility according to the law or the end of all its projects in the Sultanate, the conditions of the national workforce are to be addressed by giving them priority in finding opportunities with suitable work, with the facility obliged to deport all the expatriates.

The decision included addressing the project’s transfer from one management to another by applying Article (48) of the Labor Law.

In this case, the national workforce will be transferred to the new company according to the committee’s decision.


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