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Omani inventions thrive in ‘Corona’ time

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WhatsApp Image 2020-04-14 at 10.39.00

If necessity is the mother of inventions, Omani youths seem to have understood the necessity and coming out with interesting ideas, and translating them into useful solutions to tackle the situation emerging out of the coronavirus (COVID-19)


Efforts and initiatives made in this direction are testimony to the wise understanding of the Omani youths who are working with various institutions, bodies or even individuals.

Their assurance gives strength to confront the virus, defeat it, and bring our lives back to normal again.

The Ministry of Technology and Communications had previously announced the formation of a major committee for technical innovations to counter the menace of Covid-19 in line with government’s efforts to limit its spread by activating technical solutions that would provide modern technical alternatives in dealing with

its effects.

The Oman Technology Fund also announced at the beginning of this crisis, an allocation of RO1 million to invest and expand technical projects in the Sultanate, contributing to the efforts of combating the situation emerging of Covid-19 as also to enhance the position of Omani innovations at the level of the region and the world.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, these innovations have varied, and are protected in various sectors of intellectual property. Some Omani

youths have succeeded in creating a healthy clip that is small enough to be

placed in the pocket and is a tool for pushing the doors without touching

them by hand.

It is made of a solid non-porous material that is cleaned easily.

Moreover, a new smart bracelet that makes a whiz when the hand of the holder comes close to his face. There is also a design for spraying disinfectant bottle which is attached to the wrist, half-gloves to press buttons with a fingertip, and a tool to open the car doors without touching the handle for those who use taxis.

As a matter of social responsibility, some Omani youths who own small factories have emerged lately in producing some medical supplies and gift them to hospitals in the Sultanate, such as Eng Saleh al Abri, from ‘Tasnea” company who produced medical masks with 16 different designs and distributed them for free to health

institutions that receive those infected with coronavirus.

“They are working on a mass production line to cover the great demand for this product, as they aspire to produce 2,000 masks per day in their company,” he said.

Whereas, Aitech, an Omani company specialised in artificial intelligence, manufactured 2,000 protective face shields for medical use within only 14 days, with an aspiration to double production.

The company’s engineers also have announced that they can produce plastic parts for ventilators.

As for the Oman Makers Center, affiliated to the Innovation Complex, has designed a prototype for the ventilators as an immediate and quick alternative to coronavirus patients to avoid any deficiency.

The Ministry of Commerce and  Industry encourages all Omani innovators to contribute to supporting the innovation sector in the Sultanate and to submit their applications with the ministry to protect these innovations and document their products with a patent certificate.

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