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Online charity during Ramadhan to help support the needy

Coronavirus charity illustration
Coronavirus charity illustration

Muscat: Ramadhan charity during the lockdown period can be made through the website of Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO) or through the mobile application which can be downloaded on IOS or Android from playstore, according to the OCO spokesperson.

The website activated by the eoman will be receiving donations to a plethora of charitable and relief activities initiated by nearly 30 approved charity organisations inside the Sultanate of Oman and along the neighbouring countries.

"One can donate zakath (financial aid to the poor during the holy month) or sadaqa (normal support to the needy) through our website or mobile app and one will not have to visit the OCO headquarters to make a donation," said Ahmed al Hattali, In-charge of Media and PR.

The portal,, developed by the Information Technology Authority (ITA), in line with His Majesty’s vision of harnessing technology, aims to ease and simplify the process of donating and promote charity. The bilingual portal makes it easy for Omani citizens and residents to donate with a single click from anywhere and at their convenience without a need to travel to any of the charitable organisations. The portal can be effectively used by Omani citizens / residents who have account in Omani banks.

Alternatively, those who visit the shopping malls or hypermarkets can donate at the kiosks and booths kept at the entrance of these commercial centres.

Earlier, the Ministry of Social Development had met with representatives of charitable organisations and lauded their efforts in helping low-income families and small business owners meet daily needs especially those whose businesses were affected by the coronavirus lockdown in the holy month.

"We, at the Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO), support social welfare projects and programmes for children, orphans, the disabled in and out of the country a reflection of the foresightedness of the leaders and the foreign policies," he added.

Besides general charity, donations to fight the Coronavirus epidemic, to support

Ramadhan Iftar meal programme, food supply inside and outside Oman, orphan care inside and outside Oman, education, medical, investment fund inside and outside Oman, housing projects, support to orphans care, Palestine, Gaza Strip, Yemen, Lebanon, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Syria, Somalia, Iran, relief fund in and out of Oman, adversity fund, and the like can be made through the website and the app.

Oman will be sending three more aircrafts to Iran with medical supplies besides the two recent flights carrying medical aid.

"We are catering to the local Ramadhan Iftar programme where food coupons for poor families are given with which they can secure provisions for a month or so from a Hypermarket. People are selected from each wilayat for this programme. Besides, there are several medical and education programmes, zakath, sadaqa, house maintenance for poor, orphan programme, and relief programmes are held in various wilayats", said Al Hattali.

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