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Accepting challenges, novel norms


During my countless visits to Wadi Darbat in Dhofar, I had often wondered when I would see the cascade in full strength.

A good khareef would reignite the falls in a gentle way once the springs were filled to the brim.  However in just two to three days the tropical system from the Arabian Sea triggered rains and filled roads and in some instances entered homes.

Wadi Darbat roared and sprayed water around and thanks to aerial video footage most of us are now able to watch wadi Darbat in its full glory.

Nature has been throwing surprises throughout this year. The whole experience reminded us how we are all entangled in the process of nature.  We had been so disconnected from the rest of the process of nature because we are engrossed in our plans and goals.

Success meant everything until we came across COVID-19.  Whenever we talked about caring for earth before it is too late it was considered more of a statement and attitude and today the world is unanimously seeking for a protection against novel coronavirus.

When we hear about the number of coronavirus cases or deaths we get sleepless nights.  But the numbers don’t tell their stories of life and aspirations left incomplete.  They said it is the elderly who are vulnerable but COVID-19 took away people in their 30s and 40s too --a woman who was expecting a child, a person who was on a visit visa, others who had not gone out because of their age but still contracted it because someone had visited them.

When people do not abide by regulations, and when shoppers do not follow social distancing it reminds us of yet another issue – reckless drivers who think accidents only happen to others but never them.

So for now we need to indulge in positivity, boost our immunity, follow the instructions and hope for the best.  We are back at work but let us keep the two-meter distance and be mindful of our hands and do not forget the soap and water.  It is the new norm it is best we accept it.

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