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Omani youth fights COVID-19 with autosterilization cabin



MUSCAT: Given the proper opportunity, Omani youth will rise up to the occasion to help provide the necessary tools to combat whatever is posing a challenge to the Sultanate.

This has been the case for creative Omani engineer Nasser al Mamari whose latest innovation — an auto-sterilization cabin is helping authorities, business and homes combat the threat of the pandemic.

“It is a comprehensive disinfectant gate placed at the entrance of commercial buildings or businesses. It helps control the spread of COVID-19,” said Al Mamari, the innovator and the project manager of this well-lauded initiative.



Nasser shared that the idea behind his technology is properly utilising modern technology to help fight an unseen enemy. He explained that the disinfecting solution is converted through ultrasound making the liquid into fog allowing for disinfecting bigger areas if compared to the traditional way of spraying disinfectant.

“Wider coverage consuming less disinfectant,” he said. There are other similar products in the market, but Nasser confirms that his device, as he

shared, uses a tiny amount of the particle size of the disinfectant solution; only around 5 microns to cover a larger area of the sterile body.

“Ultrasound system, moreover, consumes less disinfectant solution, so the operating cost will be also less,” he added.

“We also improved the controlling system which will cover reading the temperature of users, recording attendance where it will recognize the face

even with masks and glasses,” he added.

Using the Auto sterilization Cabin will not take more than 10 – 15 seconds depending on fog production rate as well as concentration. As for the process, “the controlling system will measure the temperature of the user remotely and will show it in the screen. The organization gate will not open if the temperature of the user is very high,” he explained.

Nasser confirmed that the system is 100% safe “because we are using a safe disinfectant solution (100% natural), he explained.

“The innovation has been approved by a Main Committee for Technical Innovation which was recently formed in April and consists of many government entities including the Ministry of Health,” he added.

He noted that the system accepts any solution and this is another advantage of their system, so the user can use any disinfectant solution diluted with water, but he recommends the “SHEILDme” disinfectant which is well known and approved by the UK and some GCC companies internationally, and it is 100% inhalable save and 100% natural.

“We have customized the capacity of the tank where now it is able to carry two tanks worth of product. It is all filled from the main tank and it can

be refilled. It is enough for more than around 1000 users and it can be refilled very easily,” he added.

The device is already in the market. “We have a factory, and we have produced around 50 pieces so far. The production rate of 7 to 10 cabins per day.

We have provided the device already to some government and private organization as well as personal houses “ he noted.

“Our call centres can be reached through 95121777 and people can inquire or learn more through the factory’s website,” he said.

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