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Be you and face life...

Saw her after 11 years, she was beaming as she explained all that she has been achieving over the decade. But the big one was that which brought out changes in the last four years.

“I learnt to accept my situation instead of trying to meet expectations on how life ought to be and should be. The minute I did that my career began to fall in place too,” she added.

A journalist, now her area of interest also includes tourism. Her confidence is infectious and she is brimming with full of possibilities and is exploring countries and are promoting them.

This does not happen overnight. We cannot reach this stage by just reading books or listening to audio series as we wish to. The scenario is different when we go through a path with thorns, twists and turns. We might think we are heart broken and lost only to know later that it is these situations that engraved in us the power of resilience. It also takes time for us to realise we have that power in us to thunder the storms and then find the calmness.

Many of us might get stuck in the mode of tackling every battle, but it takes maturity to realise not every battle is worth fighting and it is not important to prove your point all the time. If it gives the other person the satisfaction to have had the last word, then let it be. But for this we need tame our ego, for most of the time we become insanely restless until we get the chance to have our say. Then there are some of us who never get the right responses at the appropriate time. It is only much later when we have supposedly the quiet me time (although voices inside the head could be screaming) when it dawns on us the variety of responses that could have been uttered during the crises.

“I was just caught off guard,” we say to ourselves consoling the bruised ego.

Later we also realise that carrying hurt only wound us further.

I was recollecting an incident with a friend that happened a week ago and he said, “I do not look back. That was a Monday and today is Tuesday.”

A lovely wisdom don’t you agree?

The only problem as I thought about it, is that days keep coming back and so do people and problems.

So why shouldn’t we expect them over and over?

The answer is simple, because we want to look forward to the future with joy and hope. The two friends we must have in our lives. It is a good idea to include them in our daily conversations no matter how many challenges life throws at us. It needs practice but the beauty is that more we practice the more we gain expertise.

Came across a bright eyed four-year-old whose eyes were not so twinkling before he got implants for hearing. And when they switched on the device, his expression was priceless. Sitting at a function to celebrate it the child could not resist the beauty of sound. He could not help but bang the cutleries. Each sound (which we might refer to as noise) was beautiful for him. He was fascinated with the microphone. A few weeks ago this instrument would have meant nothing to him.

When there is technology why not use it and give everyone an opportunity to hear. Silence is Golden, but not a life time. When we see what others are going through we begin to question ourselves on what we have been defining on as our challenges.

This might be an opportunity to think are there ways we can contribute, in our own small ways, to the society.

It was one person’s decision to help and skills of another person that made this child hear the sounds of this world.

What sets them apart? The capability and ability - these two reasons allowed them to make a difference in another person’s life. Can you imagine the satisfaction of the parents when the child responds to their call. Father is eagerly waiting for him to pick up speaking.

A whole world is awaiting him. The senses make all the difference.

At present he is trying to make sounds and mimicking his father because maybe the child can see the urgency in his father’s eyes or he might think it is a game. But this experience ought to fill us with gratitude towards the gift of speech while be appreciative towards incredible achievers who are doing the best to cope and overcome the challenges. These two are important friends because they will never let you give up in life.

Life - make it beautiful!

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