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Prevention alone can save all of us

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The news emerging from countries around the world on Covid-19 indicates that ‘no one is safe till everyone is safe’. Prevention alone can save us from the clutches of the virus, according to the Ministry of Health.

It was initially thought that the old and sick are the only vulnerable and for young and fit it’s not dangerous. In fact, no one is safe from this disease, and its severity and mortality seem to be unpredictable.

The fatalities of physically fit trainers in India, the emergence of Indian variant from other countries and children, and elders falling sick are signs to be taken seriously, medics based in Oman advise.

According to them, as long as people do not follow the Covid-19 preventive measures, they are not safe from getting infected.

“It is sad to learn that three bodybuilders lost their life due to the virus. They were physically fit, and their immunity was high. Still, no one can predict which organ the virus can destroy in your body even though you are healthy. We need to take all precautions and do our best to follow the protocols and leave the rest to our creator. We will depart this world once our predetermined time comes around’’, Dr Abood al Sawafi, Vice-Chancellor of Buraimi University, said.

Dr Raaji Narayanan Kutty, an expert in lifestyle medicine, says, ‘With coronavirus, the only thing that helps is, following self-protection norms, wearing mask, social distancing when you are outdoors.”

“Also, take steam inhalation at least once a day or best twice a day. Drinking warm water with few cumin seeds, ginger, garlic, little turmeric, some black pepper, and keeping immunity strong with fruits and vegetables helps,” adds Dr Raaji.

“Younger populations and children are vulnerable to the new variants. Apart from the bodybuilders, we lost a young doctor in her twenties last week in Kerala. Even vaccinated individuals get infected, and that too sometimes fatally. It underscores the need for taking precautions in every possible way,” reminds Dr Benny Panakkan of a group of hospitals.

“Most importantly, the speed with which the patients are getting severe, they require ventilatory support for 24 to 48 hours, and some are collapsing very fast, even people with good immunity, good nutrition, are ending up with severe symptoms which is the case in people like bodybuilders who take good nutritious diet, but still could have inadequate immunity to fight the infection,” says Dr Dilip Singhvi, a specialist in internal medicine.

“The virulence is very high and that’s why it is of paramount importance for people not to lower guards against the virus, follow covid guidelines and keep wearing mask, social distancing, and hand hygiene,” he added.

Medics advise people not to panic or be stressed. They suggest having relaxing activities, interact with family and friends. A systematic lifestyle without the above precautions against Covid-19 is not going to help at all.

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