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MOE issues health protocol for schools reopening


Muscat: The Ministry of Education in Oman has issued a health protocol for schools, which will reopen from November 1.

The health protocol includes clear precautionary measures provided by the Ministry of Education, such as checking the temperature, sterilizers, face masks, and a one and a half physical-distancing in classes.

According to the World Health Organization, children of the first circle do not have to wear face masks.

There are other aspects related to informing the guardian if a student develops a fever, for example, and the guardian has to inform the school in case the student is infected.

We have set a period of 45 minutes only for students to enter their classes with the teacher, so the space will not be in the usual way, and we are searching for suitable alternatives about it.

If the school bus has a capacity of 30 students, it will carry 50 percent of its capacity to achieve the required physical distancing between students inside the bus.

The student shall come from home wearing the facemask, and he /she will not be able to ride the bus if he/she does not wear it.

The educational qualification is associated with the actual need of the Ministry of Education, and specializations and numbers are determined accordingly.

During the last school year, with the closure of schools, the Ministry committed itself to pay all bus owners' dues during the school closure period from March 18 until the end of the school year.

The contracts stipulate that the contract period includes 10 months from the beginning of the school year until its end.

• We made sure to align the calendar and to adapt the necessary regulations and documents for all students and all groups in a unified manner.

Curricula have been reduced by 30% of academic content.

There will be a specific evaluation tool for everyone, while reducing evaluation tools, especially the final evaluation. The exams will be at the end of the school year. "We reduced the number of percentage weights of exams score and increased the percentage in the continuous evaluation, which includes three standardized short tests for all groups.

Short tests will not be included in the final exam," the MOE officials said.

Students with chronic diseases will be treated according to a special mechanism.


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